Pest Surveillance

CDC (Center for Disease Control) Light traps are used to collect and monitor adult mosquito populations.

Traps are set in the late afternoon and run throughout the night. The traps are collected and picked up the next day to be examined and identified at the OCW’s facility.

Traps run on 6v batteries which power a small light and a fan. The trap omits CO2, a primary attractant to female mosquitoes.  The female mosquitoes sense the CO2 and are drawn to the top of the trap and the trap’s fan blades force the mosquitoes into the catch bag which is collected for identification.

If you see a trap please do not disturb.

CDC Trap

To view the CDC Light Trap Data collection spread sheets select any of the following links:

2018 BLSG CDC Light Trap Data

2017 BLSG CDC Light Trap Data

2016 BLSG CDC Light Trap Data

2015 BLSG CDC Light Trap Data

Information regarding the VT Arbovirus Surveillance Report can be viewed by selecting the following link: