Posted May 29, 2011: Here is where we have recently sprayed to treat adult mosquitoes:

1) May 25: Rd B – Balsam Dr., Isthmus, Partridge Trail, Beech Ln., Catamount Dr., Rd D – Dogwood, Rodgers to Hooker, Hooker Rd., Rt 53 past Fern Lake, Red Gate Rd., North St.

2) May 26: Smoke Rise Camp Ground, Rodgers to Hooker, Vista Ln., West Shore Rd to Lake Dunmore Rd to Branbury State Park, Leisure Ln. to Indian Trail J-I, Park St Brandon 

 3) May 27: Pearl St., Corona St., Hacks Sawmill to High Pond, Union St., Maple St., Barlow Ave., Prospect St., Prospect East, Walnut, Seminary, Case, Carver, Wheeler Rd., Ferson Rd., Franklin, Nickerson, Lovers Ln., Clarks Sawmill, Herrimans Campground.